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If you need to ask, then you probably aren’t South African, and there’s not much more I can do to help. If you DO end up liking the song so much that you’ll be willing to listen to it for hours on end, day after day, then you can download the MP3 at the Steri Stumpie Ambassdor site.

[via Deems on Twitter, via Baldric's Blog, where you'll probably find more information than I'm willing to give!]

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Did you know that ABBA sang a song about martial arts? Neither did I till I saw this.

[Link: Rathergood, via B3ta]

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Just so you know how the song goes, watch this rendition with Battlestar Galactica clips built in, and then you can sing along to my own version below.

With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan:

As it often seems to happen that others have me woe’d
I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list
Of the trafficky offenders who’d be better off the road
I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list

There are those who always have their windows
Tinted far too black
Rich twits who misuse GTIs
And those with trailers at the back
And the fools that go too slowly
And then fools that drive too fast
And idiots who drive cars as if this day were their last
And morons who at last minute will cut you off insist
They’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

I’ve got them on a list! I’ve got them on a list!
And they’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

There’s the beggars who play music from their speakers far too loud
I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list!
Their music going “doof doof doof” and deafening the crowd
They’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

There’s taxi drivers, scooter riders, cyclists of all kinds
Bus drivers who don’t know just how to move their big behinds
All those who chat on cellphones while they’re weaving round the bend
And pedestrians crossing highways: may they seek a faster end
And idiots driving recklessly through any fog or mist
They’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

I’ve put them on a list! I’ve put them on a list!
And they’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

Impatient fools who don’t know how join the “back of queue”
I’ve got a little list! I’ve got a little list!
And those who indicate too late should really learn their cue
They’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!
There’s Porsches, BMWs, and of course Mercedes-Benz
Toyotas, Hondas, Volkswagens, and Jaguars by their tens
Suzukis, Vauxhalls, Opels, Mustangs, Corvettes, Chevrolets
Ferraris, Maseratis, Fords, Subarus, and Hyundais
But anyway I think by now you must have got the gist
They’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

I’ve put them on a list! I’ve put them on a list!
And they’d none of them be missed!
They’d none of them be missed!

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I’m a linguaphile (someone who loves languages, you dolt! Nothing vaguely naughty about it!) so I watched this vid with fascination. I’d ordinarily say “amazing how this genre of music caught on around the world”, but all I can think of is “Jeez…that Swiss guy’s hair is so 70′s!

Enjoy it! (the vid, not the hair.)

[Link via revivl.com]

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It’s amazing what you can get your fans to do, innit? Must have taken a good deal of coordination from the director, but it’s still a cool vid nonetheless.

[Link via Neatorama]

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I just wasn’t expecting to to happen so quickly. Still, despite the sadness of the affair, every famous death comes with a certain amount of humor, and some of these jokes, while tasteless, ARE funny. For example:
Michael Jackson is not going to be buried or cremated but recycled into shopping bags so he can remain white, plastic and dangerous for kids to play with.

Your best MJ jokes in the comments, please!

[Link: Dead Michael Jackson Jokes, thanks cligor!]

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I figure you’re going to need a little help with this one, so here’s your clue; a music video from geek artists Lemon Demon (one of my favorite geek artists! I’ve blogged about him before, if you can recall that far back!) called “Ode To Crayola”. Not much of a clue, I admit, but it’s still something! Yep, it’s another quiz, since I figured y’all enjoyed the last one so much. This one is to do with Crayola crayons. Can you name all the Crayola colors? Bear in that the names of the colors have gotten a little wilder over the years, so the full complement of 120 crayons is a tall order–hence the clue to give you an idea of how the color names have changed. Still, you might do better than you think. I only scored a measly 46, so I figure you can probably do better than that.

[Link: Sporcle - Can you name the current Crayola crayon colors?]

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Some of you might know Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. It’s not only an ultra cool rock song but also a great example of backmasking, when a song is played backwards to reveal a hidden message. It turns out their innocent words about hearing “a bustle in your hedgerow” turn out to be an ode to “my sweet Satan”. (The backwards version’s about 27 seconds into the video below).

There are other famous backmasking examples. Britney Spears asks you to “Sleep with me, I’m not too young” in Baby One More Time and The Beatles have revealed Paul McCartney’s death in a number of their songs. (I’ve included links to the various backmasked songs below.)

Naturally, I started wondering how other songs would sound backwards – not to find hidden messages, but just to see what they sound like. So I got a free audio editor called Audacity and started mixing songs in my music collection.

Man, was I amazed! I’m addicted to the different sounds produced – arrythmical beats and tones, undecipherable words and unexpected anticlimaxes. It just speaks to a different part of the brain. Slow some songs down or speed them up and you get even whackier results.

Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive sounds absolutely haunting. Jimi Hendrix sounds higher than usual – a good thing in his case. And Billie Holiday sounds depressingly melancholy, even for her.

Now, I know that finding hidden messages is mostly pareidolia (reverse speech is an example), the brain finding patterns and significance where there possibly aren’t (apparently to help you survive in the wild). So you won’t find any hidden messages (mostly). But, the sounds you get when backmasking arb songs are fascinating and sometimes unreal. And you get to double your music collection without too much effort.

So, if you get yourself a couple of ping pong balls, a strong cup of coffee and some backmasked songs, you could be dancing backwards in the clouds before long.

To the fellow backmaskers: !yojnE


Reverse Speech – Related phenomenon where it’s theorised that once every 10-15 seconds of conversation, there’s a subliminal sentence that, backwards, expresses your subconscious thoughts.

Stairway to Heaven – Normal song live (very cool song; 8:00+ but worth it), backwards (short) and backwards (long). (YouTube – quality of normal live song not too good; better link anyone?)

Backmasking samples – Some samples on one page, including Stairway to Heaven and Britney’s Baby One More Time.

Beatles Songs – Samples from a couple of their songs (YouTube – quality not that good, but audible).

Bogosity – Pareidolia – An interesting video discussing the stupidity of pareidolia, finding patterns where there aren’t. (YouTube)

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Insane Author Discovery

Perhaps you have already discovered this, but I noticed something one morning that I would like to share. Don’t worry, no rudeness here :-). Anyway, I was listening to the radio with those earphones you insert in your ear, then I randomly closed my nostrils by pinching them, and then attempted to blow air out my nostrils, which as you know I blocked. Guess what happened next?

The music volume raised! So, some how the air is being pushed into places where it seems to increase the volume. Any detailed scientic ideas? And if anyone says it’s the empty area where my brain is, is very unoriginal and a nimrod ;)

Try if you don’t believe me…

p.s. isn’t this the most phallic set of earphones :P, ok – so some rudeness

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An internet-based record label, Quote Unquote Records, has had their site taken down by their web host for alleged copyright infringement. Here’s the joke: QU Records own the copyright. Wtf…?

Around a week ago, the label was notified by its webhost that it had some copyright music files on its server, which was no surprise to them since they were tracks by Arrogant Sons of Bitches, one of the label’s bands.

The web host, I suspect, figured that hey, if they’re offering the music for FREE, then it must be illegal, right? You can probably understand the host’s (somewhat ill-informed) decision—they’re afraid to face legal action for hosting music. Because we all know that hosting music, even your own music, is of dubious legality.

Anyhow, according to the article:

Three days later the labels site went down completely, due to Jeff hosting his own copyright files on his own site – a claimed violation of the hosting company’s Terms of Service. In order to solve the problem, Jeff would have to send his copyright registration forms to the host by mail, to prove he held the copyright, a problem in itself, explains Jeff:

“I called the company to explain that a lot of this material was NOT in fact registered with the US copyright office, instead we did the ol’ poor man’s copyright. The music that was copyrighted was done so under a Creative Commons License, which is a digital copyright that cannot be viewed if the website where the files are posted is down.”

The web hosts are obviously in the wrong, but how on earth do you argue against such ignorance? Especially from people whose job depends on the Internet??

[Link: Torrentfreak - Record Label 'Infringes' Own Copyright, Site Pulled]

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