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Awesome flipbook animation. I remember doing this sort of thing in school when I was younger, but never to this sort of scale. The sound effects are about what I’d have produced, though.


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Did you know that ABBA sang a song about martial arts? Neither did I till I saw this.

[Link: Rathergood, via B3ta]

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I’m a huge fan of both Naruto and The Simpsons, so this drawing (I don’t know who the artist is, but I’d love to give credit!) is worth about +30 geeknesses. Click thru the pic for a full size version. Many more comic style mashups here. Enjoy!

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Creative Commons License
Night Noises by Fayyaad Hendricks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

I apologize for the overimagification, but that’s the result of two days of challenge. It’s actually left me a little on the drained side, but…it was actually fun. It’s weird how much I can accomplish when I’m not actually playing video games! Don’t get me wrong…I miss playing them, but I’ve discovered activities and parts of me that I’d forgotten about. And I think that’s the most important lesson I’m taking away from all this–life DOES exist outside of games. The Darling Wife is impressed enough at this little book I’ve written that she’s actually at the moment in the process of trying to find it a publisher. I’m going to clean up the artwork and layout a bit, and then we’ll see if there’s a chance I can get this, and perhaps a few other stories into bookshops. Is that too ambitious for something I wrote and drew over the course of two nights? Probably…but it’s fun and exciting, even if nothing comes of it. Anyhow, enjoy the story and illustrations, as raw and un-refined as they are. If you can’t read it, my apologies; I’ve shrunk it down quite a bit so that I don’t overload anyone’s browser. If there’s a call for it, I’ll post the finished, reworked, cleaned up product at Flickr or Picasa. Just to get an indication, does anyone think they’d actually pay money for a story like this?

Back to the story of addiction. I don’t know if it’s just a case of information synchronicity, or…er…that psychological phenomenon where you only start taking notice of things because they’re relevant to you (argh, can’t remember what it’s called!!), but I’ve suddenly noticed an awful lot of articles popping up in my RSS reader about video game addiction. This statistic comes to us via Switched.com, and states that almost 1 in 10 US children are addicted to video games; 8.5% to be a little more precise. It’s an alarming number if you’re going to label it “addiction” vs “compulsion”. The sample size is significant: 1,178 adolescent children, with 8.5% of them exhibiting addictive behavior:

(Researcher, Douglas) Gentile looked for symptoms like becoming irritable when gameplay was cut short, avoiding homework to play, stealing money to buy gaming paraphernalia, and escaping reality and avoiding problems through games.

That sounds about right for “addiction”, and with kids of my own, I’m beginning to feel as though this hasn’t received enough attention till now. The article goes on to state that Dr Gentile has touted the benfits of video games before, so he’s not exactly a completely biased voice in this matter.

Gentile doesn’t necessarily think games are bad. He would just like to see game manufacturers use the significant influence games have over children for good instead of evil — for creating powerful educational devices.

[Link: Switched.com – Almost 1 in 10 Children Addiction to Video Games]

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I keep missing the Friday deadline, but I’m going to stick to the theme, if only to make it easier to find one of these days. So you’ll notice that I’m sticking to obscure short programs from childhood days, and today’s one is no different. This one will tickle memories you thought buried. Quaq Quao is a show about an origami duck and its adventures, and consisted of 26 episodes total. The show originated in Italy, but other than that, I can’t really say much about it, other than enjoy the upwelling of nostalgification!

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Yea, I know it’s a day late. Had a pretty busy Friday and in the rush of things, I kinda forgot about Nostalgia Friday. So…I know that a good number of viewers from my side of the world will remember La Linea, the strange two-minute cartoon about a line drawing and his antics. The show is Italian in origin, and 88 episodes were produced starting in 1969, so it’s WELL old. The show, as you can see from the clip above, features the line man vs his animator, and the antics that follow. Back when I was a kid and this was regularly on TV, I think there was no way of telling when one of these would appear, so it was always a delight to see one pop up on the screen.

Does anyone else remember watching these?

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I’m hooked as anything on Broken Picture Telephone, which takes the idea of Broken Telephone to new limits of insanity; so naturally, it’s the perfect kind of topic for this blog. To play, all you do is either draw the description that’s given, or describe the picture given, and then wait for the game to end. It’s crazy stuff, and so totally addictive. If you want to add me as a friend there, look for the user TyrannicalDuck.

[Link: BrokenPictureTelephone]

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