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*cracks knuckles out in front of himself* wow, been a while since I stepped inside this blog – curse you facebook, twitter etc, and now Google+ for distracting me for so  many years 😛

So, social media – where is it going? Are you all bored with it? Feel you’ve been made so addicted that you can’t live without but secretly want to be able to? Is it the bain of your existing haunting your thoughts – even using “going to the toilet” as an excuse to quickly log on and sneak a peak at whether your friend has moved from current location? Or perhaps it’s a new lease of life, creating new avenues of information, friendship and a place where you finally feel like you belong?

How ever your feeling, the term “Internet Fatigue” is growing and growing and I’m curious to know, after all this time has past – for new comers and internet old timers how as social media affected you?


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Yea, make of this what you will. 5 points for a decent caption.

[Source: Knuttz.net]

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The Japanese, it seems, have some of the best customer service in the world. Like this awesome story from Kotaku chief editor Brian Ashcraft. The story starts out with his wife buying sushi in a department store, and found a bug in it.

She called up Hankyu and told them she bought sushi there and there was a bug in it. The person she spoke with apologized and then offered to refund our money — by immediately driving to our house after we gave him our address.

It gets more awesome from there on in. Read, customer service departments of the world, and realize what utter, epic fail you all represent.

[Link: Kotaku – No, I was wrong, THIS is the best service ever]

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I’m a linguaphile (someone who loves languages, you dolt! Nothing vaguely naughty about it!) so I watched this vid with fascination. I’d ordinarily say “amazing how this genre of music caught on around the world”, but all I can think of is “Jeez…that Swiss guy’s hair is so 70’s!

Enjoy it! (the vid, not the hair.)

[Link via revivl.com]

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More old cartoons for your nostalgia Friday today, both of them of French origin! The first one is Wattoo Wattoo Super Bird, a cartoon I’d dimly remembered, but could never figure out or recall the name of. Isn’t the Intarwebs a wonderful place for rediscovering the wonders of your youth? I think the premise of this show is best left to Wikipedia:

The eponymous Wattoo Wattoo is a black and white ovoid bird. He comes from a cube-shaped planet called Auguste. In the first episode he becomes aware of the very stupid and extremely wasteful race called Zwas. The Zwas are goose-like creatures that live on the Earth in cities very much like our own. […] Throughout the series Wattoo Wattoo helps the Zwas overcome their problems through the use of his seemingly magical powers. He is able to transform himself into any shape. Should he need the help of others of his race he has only to whistle. Other identicle birds respond to the call and come down from space like comets. As they fly down they vibrate and duplicate themselves until they are a flock ready to take on whatever challenge is required of them.

The second cartoon today is Barbapapa, a bizarre shapeshifting pink blob who tries to fit in with the human world. His family include his wife, Barbamama, and seven kids, collectively called the Barbababies (Barbabeau, Barbabright, Barbazoo, Barbabravo, Barbalib, Barbalala, and Barbabelle, if you want specifics).

[Thanks to Cligor for the first bit of awesomeness!]

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I’m betting you won’t even see the end of this trailer coming… District 9 is a movie by Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp coming out “Summer 2009”. Have movie studios not figured out that the concept of “Summer” is just a teensy weensy tiny winy itsy bitsy sqeemy weemy tiny little bit subjective depending on which hemisphere you just happen to be occupying at any point in time? Anyhow, rant over. This movie looks interesting at the very least, and may even turn out to be good, for all that it’s set in Johannesburg. And I’m not going to spoil it any further. Just watch this trailer!

[Link: District 9]

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Ok, I’m REALLY feeling my age after reading through Wanna Feel Old. It’s amazing how much time has passed in pop culture. How old? Try this factlet: Ghostbusters came out a Quarter of a Century ago. How can so much time have passed?? Jeez…am I really that old?? I seem to remember Ghostbusters as if it were yesterday. And how about this fact: it’s been ten years since Savage Garden released an album. Argh! Where IS the time going?? Is anyone else feeling their age after reading this site?

[Link: Wanna Feel Old]

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