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This simply amazing homage to both Charlie Chaplin and The Matrix is a brilliant piece of work by a Russian actor’s group called “Bolshaya Raznitsa” (The Big Difference). Best part? Multiple Agent Smiths!

[Link: The Matrix as a Charlie Chaplin short, via Boing Boing]


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Spot the likeness….this is a pic of me at my brother’s fancy dress up birthday party back in 2007. I don’t have a better pic lying around, unfortunately. For comparison, below, is the poster of the new Prince of Persia movie. Whaddayathink? Did I predict the new movie?

Anyhow…I’m looking forward to seeing this movie when it hits next year! And unlike good ol Jake, I at least have a little bit of Persian blood in me!

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I’m actually not going to give you much more forewarning than “what it says on the box”. Go check it out.

[Link: Wookieepedia]

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Han Solo P.I.

Ever noticed the similarity between Han Solo and Thomas Magnum…or Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck for that matter? Neither did I, till now. As an interesting co-inky-dink sidenote, Tom Selleck was originally cast for the role of Indiana Jones, but his commitment to Magnum P.I. kept him from taking this role, which as we all know, went to Harrison Ford. Or Solo, P.I. Or Indiana Solo. Or whatever.

[Link: Youtube via Neatorama]

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I’m not sure which message board this came out of, but it’s pretty dang funny. I lol’d. A lot.

If you can’t read it, it says:

No, Moslems don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

Think of it like a movie. The Torah is the first one, and the New Testament is the sequel. The nthe Qu’ran comes out, and it retcons the last one like it never happened. There’s still Jesus, but he’s not the main character anymore, and the messiah hasn’t shown up yet.

Jews like the first movie, but ignored the sequels, Christians think you need to watch the first two, but the third one doesn’t count, Moslems think the third one was the best, and Mormons liked the second one so much they started writing fanfiction that doesn’t fit with ANY of the series canon.

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And of course it’s the wit and wisdom of Jeremy Clarkson, the host of the ever funny Top Gear. This time around, Clarkson reviews the Honda Insight Hybrid car, and if you’ve ever watched Top Gear before, you’d know that Clarkson isn’t a fan of Hondas, and believes that they’re cars for “old people”. So, of course, this isn’t going to be one of Jeremy’s favorites. How bad is this car?

It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more.

That’s….pretty darned bad. The review descends into a rant about green cars as a whole, but that’s been a sticky point for Jeremy for a long time, so I guess it was to be expected. Still, the entire article is pretty funny, and worth a read.

[Link: Times Online – Jeremy Clarkson Honda Insight 1.3 IMA SE Hybrid review]

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I’m betting you won’t even see the end of this trailer coming… District 9 is a movie by Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp coming out “Summer 2009”. Have movie studios not figured out that the concept of “Summer” is just a teensy weensy tiny winy itsy bitsy sqeemy weemy tiny little bit subjective depending on which hemisphere you just happen to be occupying at any point in time? Anyhow, rant over. This movie looks interesting at the very least, and may even turn out to be good, for all that it’s set in Johannesburg. And I’m not going to spoil it any further. Just watch this trailer!

[Link: District 9]

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