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Check out the Independent’s list of urban legends that just keep going. Then tell me if there is any one in particular that creeped you out.


(There was one for me that made me want to check round the room and under the bed but I’ll only tell you what it is later. Don’t want to skew the results.)


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Nightmare by Henry Fusili

Ok, I couldn’t help myself with that joke, but my good friend at One Large Prawn blog has an interesting post about exorcism in Russia. He’s even helpfully provided an audio clip. According to the linked article:

In the case of the sixteen-year-old girl, she was in a one-on-one
session with Father Basil. Watching from just several feet away, Eugene
could see that the girl possessed extraordinary strength as her mother
struggled to keep her seated. As can be heard on the recording, her
voice changed radically. Her face contorted and displayed “total hate”
for the priest as she cursed at him.

Toward the end of the recording, the girl, with an unearthly
voice, shouts something in Russian at the priest. The translation,
Eugene says, is, “I am not leaving her! I am not!”

The clip itself is well freaky to listen to, and the sounds are…well, not something I’d fall asleep to. Part of me wants to shout “shenanigans!”, or the Russian equivalent thereof (what IS the Russian equivalent of “shenanigans”?), but I’ve also experienced too many weird things myself to be able to just throw the whole idea out completely.

So what’s your verdict? Shenanigans, truth, or just plain freaky?

[Link: OneLargePrawn – Listening in at a Russian exorcism]

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A schoolkid in the UK has claimed to have caught the image of a ghost on video as it crossed the passage. From the article:

Terrified Reece Pitman, 12, heard whistling — and used his mobile to film the shadowy being.

It came days after his nine-year-old sister complained that someone was mysteriously finishing her jigsaws at night.

Yep…it’s creepy, even if the site IS The Sun. That boy’s voice sends a chill down your spine, doesn’t it? So what’s your take: real or hoax?

[Link: The Sun – Ghostbanisters]

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I love these 🙂

I was happily working in Visio, and did the unthinkable … yes, I tried to … wait for it .. copy and paste a shape from one page to another.

Gasp!  Shock! How could I! Should have known better!

Visio dies quickly; and then this error pops up:

MicroSoft killed Microsoft?

Obviously, I need to click the link to MicroSoft Update, as so strongly encouraged by this message. So, yes, I click the link.

Guess what:

Words fail me

April fool!

Deep sigh.

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A high-school girl, Lashundra Clanton, in Mississippi allegedly started talking in tongues, making predictions, and revealing hidden pasts, including predictions when certain students would die. The authorities are convinced that an evil spirit has taken over the soul of the girl, but Ms Clanton claims that the experiences are from God.

“Some believe, some don’t.” Clanton said. “They say it was the devil, but the devil only tells lies. Everything I said was the truth.”

Clanton said she admits she spoke in tongues and made predictions for her classmates. But she said it was God speaking through her, not the devil.

“I didn’t cuss anyone out,” Clanton said. “If it was a demon, I would have tore that school up. I would have thrown desks and everything. I didn’t say no cuss words at all.”

According to the report, school officials have warned her that if she continues to disrupt class, she will be sent home, and not tried as a witch.

[Link: 10News.com – Was High School Girl Possessed in Class?]

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Are you watching Supernatural?

If not, why not? Esp all you buffy fans! Yes, you know who you are!

Here the imdb link and youtube channel link. Enjoy!

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Right! It’s contest time! Caption this fun ball of fuzz to the best of your abilities! No actual prize, but you do get bragging rights!

[Image from: knuttz.net]

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