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Three headed frog

three headed frog

Children in a nursery were shocked when they spotted a three-headed frog hopping in their garden.

The creature – which has six legs – has stunned a BBC wildlife expert who said it could be an early warning of environmental problems.

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Six legged cow

6 legged cow

A six-legged Cambodian cow rests near the Cambodian city of Phnom Penh October 7, 2003. The two-month old animal, named Cham Leck which means ‘strange,’ was given to monks at a local pagoda by a farmer who feared the cow would bring him bad fortune.

One eyed cat!

one eyed catThis is a very old one in Internet terms but the first time I’ve ever seen it… Now this one I really can’t believe… there are many sites talking about it, saying it’s real, then a hoax, then that scientists have proven it not to be a hoax! Anyway I will let you decide, but either way it is a weird picture if not a weird animal.

The story wasn’t just about the freakish one-eyed noseless kitten who lived for about a day in central Oregon. It was about the Internet naysayers – perhaps still burned by Wikipedia credibility issues – who were convinced the cyclops cat, aka “Cy,” had to be a joke photo-manipulation.

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