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We all know that quite often, there’s a kind of “reality separation” between Asia and the West, and a good number of things that they take for granted don’t really make their way over to this side of the world. This includes things such as TV shows, novelties, and soft drinks. Sometimes, a soft drink brand available in the Western world is available in the East in flavors we’ve never dreamed of. For example, they have over 50 flavors of Fanta in Japan–out of a total of 70-odd Fanta flavors worldwide. The flavors include Kiwifruit, Muksrat Grape, and Amino Cider!

The chaps at No Apologies! Press decided to review a stack of soft drinks from Asia. What results is some of the funniest stuff you’ve read about soft drinks.

[Link: NA!P Presents Crazy Asian Drinks, but you can skip the index and start with Basil Seed Drink with Honey]


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