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What if Team Fortress 2 was a cartoon by the Warners? This cartoon, done by Andrew Kepple, is sheer brilliance if you’re a gamer, and even includes an obligatory Yakkity Sax piece. See how many game references you can find!

I’ve always been a fan of Kepple’s work (since his days doing animutation way back when!) and I’ve found his sense of art and humor is simply awesome. (This is the best I can do: I used to know where his home page was once upon a time). Give his other stuff a watch if you like this. It’ll while the day away!

[Link: Spy vs Pyro via Kotaku]


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More old cartoons for your nostalgia Friday today, both of them of French origin! The first one is Wattoo Wattoo Super Bird, a cartoon I’d dimly remembered, but could never figure out or recall the name of. Isn’t the Intarwebs a wonderful place for rediscovering the wonders of your youth? I think the premise of this show is best left to Wikipedia:

The eponymous Wattoo Wattoo is a black and white ovoid bird. He comes from a cube-shaped planet called Auguste. In the first episode he becomes aware of the very stupid and extremely wasteful race called Zwas. The Zwas are goose-like creatures that live on the Earth in cities very much like our own. […] Throughout the series Wattoo Wattoo helps the Zwas overcome their problems through the use of his seemingly magical powers. He is able to transform himself into any shape. Should he need the help of others of his race he has only to whistle. Other identicle birds respond to the call and come down from space like comets. As they fly down they vibrate and duplicate themselves until they are a flock ready to take on whatever challenge is required of them.

The second cartoon today is Barbapapa, a bizarre shapeshifting pink blob who tries to fit in with the human world. His family include his wife, Barbamama, and seven kids, collectively called the Barbababies (Barbabeau, Barbabright, Barbazoo, Barbabravo, Barbalib, Barbalala, and Barbabelle, if you want specifics).

[Thanks to Cligor for the first bit of awesomeness!]

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Yea, I know it’s a day late. Had a pretty busy Friday and in the rush of things, I kinda forgot about Nostalgia Friday. So…I know that a good number of viewers from my side of the world will remember La Linea, the strange two-minute cartoon about a line drawing and his antics. The show is Italian in origin, and 88 episodes were produced starting in 1969, so it’s WELL old. The show, as you can see from the clip above, features the line man vs his animator, and the antics that follow. Back when I was a kid and this was regularly on TV, I think there was no way of telling when one of these would appear, so it was always a delight to see one pop up on the screen.

Does anyone else remember watching these?

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Really! No, way! There is no way that animators would include subliminal sexual references – or to be more precise, drawing genitalia – in cartoons!

Here’s Bugs Bunny’s item as he comes out of the shower:

Apparently, Betty Boop was quite the indpendent woman who had confidence in her sexuality:

(this is an interesting video tracing betty boop’s sexuality, but you can skip to 2:30 for subliminal nudity)

And a quick look at other youtube videos shows that Disney is still propagating this! For example, an erection in the Little Mermaid? And I don’t think this only happens in animated movies. What about games?

So, what is the thinking behind this? Is it for shock? Because the animators can? For fun? Human nature? A way to mark the cartoon as your work, similar to chip grafitti? Or a case of, if you want to see something sexual in an image, you will?

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Pepe le Pew

Especially for all those who were in Paris at one time or another:

Pepe le Pew “Louvre come back to me”

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