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According to iol.co.za, Koeberg’s Unit 2 reactor has been shut down for unplanned maintenance. According to the report:

“Due to stringent safety requirements, the shutting-down procedure, repairs and restarting procedure will take about three weeks,” Eskom said.

My favorite line from the report is

The nuclear reactor was not been affected and “will be kept in a safe and stable condition in line with the operating procedures of the station”.

Someone explain that one to me, please? Anyhow, expect three weeks of blackouts, brownouts, hideouts, strikeouts, and let’s-get-outs.

[Link: iol.co.za]


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The Independent Democrat party has asked Eskom bosses to forget their bonuses, and do their bit for an ailing electricity infrastructure.

“If Eskom wants us to save energy and pay more for the energy we use then Eskom must do its bit by saving the money it is paying to an under-performing management.”

What do you think? Should they get ANY bonus at all? Or just a teensy little one?

Link: News24.com

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Aah, Eskom! Eish!


I read this today in the Cape Times. Eskom schedules pre-emptive load shedding, and then Eskom declares that the grid is actually working at full capacity, so no load shedding.

Oh please.

Eskom is now totally unreliable, their reputation shot. I can only hope for them that they have exceptional PR agents to cover this and make it sound good – but, from what I’ve read in the past, I think they need to hire another PR agent.

My take on this: even if Eskom was at full capacity, they could have still load shed. And then they could have covered it with preparing households, testing pre-emptive load shedding (whether it actually works or not), gauging public reaction, evolving into a green company (I am not sure whether SA took part in Earth Hour yesterday, so today would have been a good day to show commitment to a green environment) etc.

If I was Joe on the street, I would be very angry right now.

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