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Today’s fun game: Minim

I haven’t posted a game here in ages, because I think you should all be doing some work. But now it’s time to slack back, and get to grips with this little puzzler. Minim is a “get rid of everything on the screen” type of game that has you combining numbered atoms in a molecule. I’m SO glad they’re not colored as many of these games are, because typically, games that involve multicolored elements are not created by colorblind people, and therefore do not take the differently sighted into account. Minor gripe about most puzzle games, but anyhow, this isn’t one of them.

Back on topic, then. You play this game by clicking atoms with the same number. Combining two same-numbered atoms results in a single atom one order higher. For example, if you click two “2” atoms, you end up with a single “3” atom, and so forth. What you SHOULD end up with are two atoms of the same number that will disappear when clicked. If you didn’t understand my explanation, try the game. It’s easy to get the hang of, but oh so difficult to finish!

[Link: King.com – Minim]


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Today’s fun game: Shift

Today’s little puzzler is a game with an interesting premise. You control the little guy who needs to get to the door. Use the left and right arrow keys to move him, and press space to jump. Where the clever bit comes in is using the Shift key to flip the screen upside down. Also, if the guy was black on a white background, he becomes white on a black background, and suddenly the entire landscape changes. It’s definitely something different, and I like the little nods at Portal (see the screen shot above).

[Link: One More Level – Shift]

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Shopping Cart Hero has you take control of a shopping cart (using the arrow keys) in an effort to get it to go as high and far as possible. Points earn you money, and money enables you to buy upgrades for the cart. It’s good for about 20 minutes or so while you earn enough cash to unlock everything. So far, my personal best is about 850 feet (or meters, depending on how you roll).

[Link: I-Am-Bored.com – Shopping Cart Hero]

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Some games are odd, and some are just plain weird. Achievement Unlocked takes the idea of unlocking achievements–the kind that console games love so much–to a whole new level. The game’s premise is simple. There are a bunch of achievements, unlock them! Some of the achievements are decidedly silly, but I actually disagree with the text that reveals upon completion that there’s no point to the game. Of course there’s a point: unlock all the achievements. Beyond that? No, not really. My time should be easily beatable! Post your best times here!

[Link: Armor Games – Achievement unlocked]

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So how good are you at figuring out what’s going on simply by playing with the system? I thought I was pretty damn good at it until I came across this little game. Click Drag Type 3 (obviously the third incarnation of the game) gives you very little in the way of instructions, and you have to figure out how to get past the level purely on intuition and a liberal application of logic. Make no mistake, these are not easy, but they’re by no means impossible, either. It will get you thinking, and if you’re allergic to that sort of thing, I don’t suggest you try this. If you think you’re clever, though, give this a go. The feeling of achievement after figuring it all out is well worth the effort!

[Link: Click Drag Type 3]

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You’re going to need a lot of patience for this one: The New Switcheroo is a Flash game that has you trying to make all the items on the grid the same color (doesn’t matter which one, really). Clicking each item affects other items in the grid, and here’s where you’re going to get a little stuck. The simpler items simply switch colors. Others rotate items, or even the entire grid. It doesn’t have a high learning curve, and you can happily get stuck in quite quickly. Beating the game? Not much a problem, either. Beating the game within a move limit? Now we’re talking about a challenge! To check the ideal number of moves, click Menu – Select Level. If you’re all up to cheating, you can check the solutions, but that takes all the fun out of things.

[Link: The New Switcheroo]

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I realize that I haven’t posted a fun Flash game in a while, so here’s one that will keep you occupied for quite some time. Perfect Balance has you trying to achieve just that by stacking various shapes in various configurations. It’s not as easy as you’d imagine, and there appear to be multiple solutions to some puzzles. Still, it’ll keep you thinking, and on a Friday, it might just be a nice way to while a boring day away. If you DO have work to do, stay away from this game for now! It’s well addictive!

[Link: Perfect Balance via Kotaku]

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