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What if Team Fortress 2 was a cartoon by the Warners? This cartoon, done by Andrew Kepple, is sheer brilliance if you’re a gamer, and even includes an obligatory Yakkity Sax piece. See how many game references you can find!

I’ve always been a fan of Kepple’s work (since his days doing animutation way back when!) and I’ve found his sense of art and humor is simply awesome. (This is the best I can do: I used to know where his home page was once upon a time). Give his other stuff a watch if you like this. It’ll while the day away!

[Link: Spy vs Pyro via Kotaku]


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Today’s fun game: Minim

I haven’t posted a game here in ages, because I think you should all be doing some work. But now it’s time to slack back, and get to grips with this little puzzler. Minim is a “get rid of everything on the screen” type of game that has you combining numbered atoms in a molecule. I’m SO glad they’re not colored as many of these games are, because typically, games that involve multicolored elements are not created by colorblind people, and therefore do not take the differently sighted into account. Minor gripe about most puzzle games, but anyhow, this isn’t one of them.

Back on topic, then. You play this game by clicking atoms with the same number. Combining two same-numbered atoms results in a single atom one order higher. For example, if you click two “2” atoms, you end up with a single “3” atom, and so forth. What you SHOULD end up with are two atoms of the same number that will disappear when clicked. If you didn’t understand my explanation, try the game. It’s easy to get the hang of, but oh so difficult to finish!

[Link: King.com – Minim]

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Such a weird day for news. Turns out that, unlike certain games becoming books, certain books are now becoming games. George R.R. Martin’s excellent Song of Ice and Fire series has been opted for a video game. Expect the game to look and feel a lot like Oblivion and other such WJRPGs.

My feeling about books-turned-games is that sometimes it works, as was with the well-acclaimed and award-winning Betrayal at Krondor. And when it works, it works beautifully. Other times, not so much. The problem is usually that the game director has a vision of the book that doesn’t sit well with the popular readership vision, and then things get ugly. Many of these games fall by the wayside, no matter how good they are (see the Dragonlance, Shannara or Wheel of Time games, for examples), and some of them reach acclaim as video games, but aren’t as well known as books (see I have no mouth and I must scream for example).

Anyhow, I’ll wait and see if this game blips on the radar again, which may mean it could be worth taking note of…or not.

[Link: Kotaku – Game rights snagged for George R.R.Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire]

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Good news for all you Elder Scrolls and Oblivion fans. Turns out that Bethesda are releasing a book set in the Elder Scrolls universe. The book, to be penned by famed author Greg Keyes, takes place after the events of Oblivion.

The Infernal City is set after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion®, the latest game in the video game series, and finds the citizens of Tamriel once again facing an uncertain future. Floating high above the land is a strange and mysterious city that is casting a horrifying shadow – wherever it falls, people die and rise again as undead. It is up to an unlikely duo – a seventeen-year-old girl named Annaig and the Emperor’s young son, Prince Attrebus – to rescue the kingdom from doom. Annaig and Attrebus’ quest will take them through the Elder Scrolls universe and their adventure is sure to add to the series’ already magnificent mythology.

Sounds awesome.

[Link: Lazygamer – Elder Scrolls novels announced]

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Ok, I know it’s been a while–sorry about that. Ok…my final thoughts and analyses about the experiment, and the aftermath.

Firstly, I think the experiment was a complete success. I managed to stay away from games, gaming, and almost anything video game related for a week. What I found interesting, however, is just how much video games have become a part of mainstream life. I walked through a local mall and found it almost impossible to avoid game-related media. More than just a few shops had huge video game posters in their display windows, and one of the days that I arrived at the mall, there was a massive Nintendo expo in the center court. I can compare this to almost 10 years ago, when all things video game were pretty much found in specialist shops in this part of the world. In fact, when I bought my first Sega Genesis (or Megadrive if you came from the UK), it was difficult to find shops that sold games for it. Now even standard groceries retailers have games on their shelves.

Back to my quest to find out whether I have an addiction: the answer is no. I didn’t go out of my way to play games, I didn’t sneak away in the middle of the night to play games, and I found that I wasn’t obsessing over video games so much the time I was away. I even learned a few things about myself. Despite these facts, however, I must say that I AM, and always will be a gamer. It’s part of who I am and I consume games in the same way, and for the very same reasons, that I consume books, movies, and tv shows. On the other hand, before the experiment, I was doing very little else in terms of entertainment other than video games, but I’ve rediscovered enjoyments in other pursuits.

I’m not going to miss the gameless week, but I do have a better perspective about it now. And I’m glad that my trusty DS is back in its pouch wherever I go.

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I have two things to say about the new pics of Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince. One: seems that, true to the game, the Prince seems to have a tendancy to lose clothing, and Two: Is that a codpiece?? I suppose this is a more a question for the ladies than the guys: yea or nea?

[Link: Kotaku – That Prince of Persia is One Sexy Beast]

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I’m hooked as anything on Broken Picture Telephone, which takes the idea of Broken Telephone to new limits of insanity; so naturally, it’s the perfect kind of topic for this blog. To play, all you do is either draw the description that’s given, or describe the picture given, and then wait for the game to end. It’s crazy stuff, and so totally addictive. If you want to add me as a friend there, look for the user TyrannicalDuck.

[Link: BrokenPictureTelephone]

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