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Came across this today and it was like someone has been stalking me and Sameer! And when I thought about it, I realized all of us Utterinsanitites are like this too!!!!

From GeekDad on Wired: 10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse


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I’ve never heard of Goon Tower, which is forgivable since I tend to inhabit Fark-land more than SomethingAwful-land, but it’s a brilliant piece of geek creativity. Members of the SA forums got together and built the goon tower, a piece of artwork that references everything and anything. The references spread the realm of computer games (Zelda and Half-life, for instance), movies (Ghostbusters and The Matrix), popular Internet memes (tubgirl and peanut-butter-jelly-time), comics (X-men and Calvin and Hobbes), really OLD games (Knight Lore), books (Dune), history (ancient Rome and Hitler), art (Salvador Dalí and MC Escher), toys (Lego and Rubik’s Cube), news (Madeline McCann), and, well, pretty much everything inbetween. See how many references you can spot. Any favorite bits in there that you particularly like?

Me? I like the Rogue reference.

[Link: Goon Tower]

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I figure you’re going to need a little help with this one, so here’s your clue; a music video from geek artists Lemon Demon (one of my favorite geek artists! I’ve blogged about him before, if you can recall that far back!) called “Ode To Crayola”. Not much of a clue, I admit, but it’s still something! Yep, it’s another quiz, since I figured y’all enjoyed the last one so much. This one is to do with Crayola crayons. Can you name all the Crayola colors? Bear in that the names of the colors have gotten a little wilder over the years, so the full complement of 120 crayons is a tall order–hence the clue to give you an idea of how the color names have changed. Still, you might do better than you think. I only scored a measly 46, so I figure you can probably do better than that.

[Link: Sporcle – Can you name the current Crayola crayon colors?]

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So since someone we all know and love (Utter Insanity author Joseph, in case you don’t know) just recently got a new fridge, and since he is a geek, I’ve managed to find a list that details the top eleven ways to tell that you’ve just opened a geek fridge. My favorite reason?

6. The casing has been removed for easy access.

[Link: bbspot – Top 11 Signs You’ve Opened a Geek Refrigerator]

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We’ve featured some really strange musical instruments here before, but this one is not only strange, but really cool in a geeky way. Behold the Imperial March from “The Empire Strikes Back”, played on a standard floppy drive. With floppy drives becoming more and more obsolete (I can’t recall when last I saw a PC being sold with one anymore!), this might be a chance to create a new floppy drive orchestra!

[Link: Youtube via Neatorama]

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The 56 types of geek

I think I fall into around 30 or 40 of these categories of geek. Which ones are you?

[Link: Flickr via Digg]

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My own geek and I have been living off nothing but OJ and Diet Mountain Dew since we got to the US. Even in SA, intrepid hubby and I would jump at the chance to get Mountain Dew whenever possible. But why this well documented yet curious link between geeks and Mountain Dew? Any theories?

Mountain Dew

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