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A high-school girl, Lashundra Clanton, in Mississippi allegedly started talking in tongues, making predictions, and revealing hidden pasts, including predictions when certain students would die. The authorities are convinced that an evil spirit has taken over the soul of the girl, but Ms Clanton claims that the experiences are from God.

“Some believe, some don’t.” Clanton said. “They say it was the devil, but the devil only tells lies. Everything I said was the truth.”

Clanton said she admits she spoke in tongues and made predictions for her classmates. But she said it was God speaking through her, not the devil.

“I didn’t cuss anyone out,” Clanton said. “If it was a demon, I would have tore that school up. I would have thrown desks and everything. I didn’t say no cuss words at all.”

According to the report, school officials have warned her that if she continues to disrupt class, she will be sent home, and not tried as a witch.

[Link: 10News.com – Was High School Girl Possessed in Class?]


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Forensics experts in London have found pieces of human flesh in the kitchen of British chef, Anthony Morley.

Tomlinson told a court on Wednesday that she found slices of partially fried human flesh on a cutting board. She says she found olive oil, seeds and a bundle of fresh herbs nearby.

She says a piece of flesh that appeared to have been chewed was found in a trash bag.

Here’s the fun part, though: Morley has denied murder and told police that he was the victim of an attempted rape.


[Link: News24.com – Human flesh found in chef’s kitchen]

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So what is wrong with the world? It seems that there’s a beheading spree happening, and truth be told, its kind of freaky. Anyhow, it turns out that a Greek gentleman (although I don’t think the term really counts here) chopped off his girlfriend’s head, and drove around town parading the head.

Initially, the man drove around the village of Vourvoulos exhibiting the woman’s head, [head of the Santorini district, Chrysanthos] Roussos said. Policemen chased him, wounding him with gunfire, the official said.

When a policeman tried to handcuff him, the suspect knifed the officer and flung the victim’s head into a patrol car, Roussos said.

The suspect then tried to escape in a second patrol car and ran over the motorcycle before he was caught, Roussos said. The two doctors suffered multiple fractures, Roussos said.

Wonder what she did to tick him off that much?

[Link: News24.com]

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A man travelling about a Greyhound bus in Canada was stabbed, beheaded, and disemboweled by another passenger. Allegedly, the killer paused to display the head to the other passengers, who had evacuated the bus, before calmly dismembering and disemboweling the victim. The man was arrested when he attempted to escape the bus.

…the bus stopped and the passengers scrambled to disembark while the
suspect allegedly began methodically carving up the man’s body.

The attacker severed the man’s head with a large hunting knife and held the head up by the door for others to see.

The weirdest part of the article?

[Public Safety Minister Stockwell] Day called it bizarre and extremely rare.

You think??

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