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Top 10 ways to amuse a geek

I’m just gonna link the site, cos it’s funnier that way.

[Link: Top 10 ways to amuse a geek]


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Games Radar has a fun little list of the 25 things about non-gamers that irritate and annoy gamers. I’m a gamer, so I recognize and identify with some of the items on this list. I’m sure glad that I’m not the poor sap who has to deal with a social life consisting of people who comprise the entire list. There are some gems on this list, for example:

#15 No, his name isn’t “Zelda.” It’s Link. Samus isn’t
“Metroid” and Pikachu isn’t “Pokemon.” Sometimes videogames – like
books, films and television – are complex enough to contain characters
with names separate from the title. Hard to believe, but true!

This list should strike deep to the hearts of all gamers out there who have to deal with difficult non-gamers (and I’m looking at one particular gamer friend of mine here). My condolences to you all.

[Link: Games Radar: 25 annoying things about non-gamers]

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List Universe has an interesting article about strange mental phenomena that you may experience. The last few are more along the lines of psychological disorders than mental phenomena (as any psych 301 textbook will tell you). It’s well known that certain types of dementia and schizophrenia will cause all sorts of bizarre behaviors and perceptions. The first few, such as déjà vu, déjà vécu, and déjà visité, though known to occur, are difficult to reliably reproduce and are therefore difficult to study.

It’s an interesting list, though, and I’d like to know if you’ve experienced any of the phenomena mentioned in the list. I’ve personally experienced déjà vu and déjà senti, but as is so typical, I’ve forgotten the exact circumstances under which it happened.

[Link: List Universe]

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25 weird animals


I seem to be going through a list phase at the moment. I really should find something that doesn’t include a list! Anyhow, DIVaBoo have a list of 25 of what they term the world’s weirdest animals, but I think I might argue with some of the animals, and the idea of weirder animals out there that should really belong on this list. Can you think of anything weirder animalwise that you think should be on this list instead?

[Link: 25 World’s Weirdest Animals]

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Fear of the dark

Here at Utter Insanity blog we have a fascination for phobias and fears, probably because it’s a kind of insanity that is a part of every one of us. If you have no phobias, then you probably ARE utterly insane! Jan Pettit has compiled a chronological list of fears (not necessarily phobias) from childhood to adulthood. Most of us are at some point or another in the list. I identify highly with this list. How do you fare? Do any of these fears strike something within you?

Link: list of fears, via Lone Gunman

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