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Lolcats in lala-land

For all the times we yawned and napped on the desks in lalaland:

I have many photos of utterinsane ones "working" in lalaland <evil laugh>


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Lolcats 69

Esp for Fayyaad:

Soon Ford and Zaphod will challenge the Ultimate One

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lolcats numbers 234 and 56

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And then esp for a certain “kitty”, the formerly-known cat “sliver”:

Don't go to Ireland and expect to come back hairless

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Lolcat #13135551

Especially for faranaaz:

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Missing braais

As only mr p and mr h can!

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lolcat post #101907

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Mini sharp fings

To add to the awww mood … I think this one is just sooo cute – I mean, he’s so small!

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