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I’m not sure why I haven’t seen or heard of this console before, but it sounds like eleventy hundred and thirty different kinds of awesome. Meet the Pandora, a gaming console handheld PC hybrid. According to the official website, the Pandora is

fast enough to emulate many other systems, run a full desktop, access the internet via FireFox and play games such as Quake3.

If that doesn’t sound pretty darn cool, I don’t know what does! The machine is slightly bigger than a Nintendo DS, and the battery clocks in at around 10 hours. The good news, is that the Pandora is now in production! Expect to see it retail for around $330.

[Link: Pandora web site]


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Been reading up a bit about Google’s Chrome and came across this blog entry over at Computerworld. The author says Google isn’t creating a web browser, they’re creating a Web application platform that can run equally well on computers and mobile devices. He also claims that Chrome and open source browsers that adopt it’s features will open the way for users to adopt safe, efficient and fast web-based applications that are free.

My favorite quote from the article is this bit at the end:

Killing Internet Explorer isn’t really Chrome’s goal. No, killing Microsoft Office is Chrome’s goal.

Love it! 😀

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