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Or at least, our perception of our world, and what right and wrong is.

The horror of Vietnam

The horror of Apartheid


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Kinda makes you go “What. The. Frak.” doesn’t it? Every now and again a photo gets vomited up from the Internet without any context attached, and sometimes it’s just sheer luck if you manage to figure out what the heck is going on and why. Difficult one, isn’t it? It could be something staged. But the sheer randomness of what’s going on isn’t helping you make sense of the photo. Trust me, I’ve tried. And although I’ve seen this photo a couple of times, it’s the weird kind of image that either stays with you and haunts you, or despite your best efforts to make sense of it, you can’t so you forget. What IS that thing, anyhow?? It’s not a deformed human or anything, is it??

Ok, I’ll put you out of your misery. Personally, I never understood artists in this day and age, and Charlie White is no exception. I’m a man of words, not images, which explains why I’m a writer, not a photographer. In any event, the above photo is from a set called “Understanding Joshua”:

Understanding Joshua is a series of photos of a puppet meant to represent “complete fragility manifest in a body,” placed in various situations related to human relationships.

Another article states:

Using a humanoid puppet he calls “complete fragility manifest in a
body,” White presents human frailty through a fictional character, much
as a novelist might. […] (H)is puppet, called Joshua, helps him to explore the themes of male
self-image and self-loathing. White places Joshua in a series of
vulnerable situations — at a cocktail party or a lover’s house — and
photographs the scene.

What this actually means is anybody’s guess, but the entire photoset (some NSFW) is bizarre. Which is, I suppose, what modern artists aim for.

So, does anyone want to explain to me what Mr White is trying to communicate with these photos?

[Link: Wikipedia – Charlie White (artist)]
[Link: NPR – Understanding Joshua]
[Link: Charlie White – Understanding Joshua] (warning, some of these images are not safe for work (16+ for partial nudity))

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Our circular life

I stumbled on their circular life.

Photographers choose 5 locations in 3 cities, and then taped human behaviour at that place for 24 hrs. Once it loads (this site is flash-intensive) you can manipulate time during the 24 hours. You can also freeze a moment in time …

Maybe we can all do this – put a video camera around something in our lives and tape it for 24 hours?

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Monster under the bed

Joshua Hoffine is a photographer who seems to love reproducing fears (one of our favorite things here!), and on his website, he says:

I believe that the horror story is ultimatelyt concerned with the imminence and randomness of death, and the inplication that there is no certainty to existence. The experience of horror resides in this confrontation with uncertainty. Horror tells us that our belief in securty is delusional, and that the monsters are all around us.

He creates the photos by staging them like mini-movies complete with sets, costumes, make-up, props, and special effects, and he doesn’t composite his photos from Photoshop, but uses the tool to finely adjust the color and add detail.

The images are the kinds of things that scare(d) us all, and even have some things that we’ve covered before, such as the vision in the mirror. The picture above is one of my favorites.

[Link: Joshua Hoffine Photography via Neatorama]

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