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There is a bit of an uproar in the UK … about rewritten Christmas Carols, and then singing them in a church. As from the Telegraph article:

The event, titled “Bethlehem Now: Nine Alternative Lessons and Carols”, was held last week St James’s, Piccadilly and organised by Open Bethlehem, a Palestinian group and Jews for Boycotting Israeli.

It saw Once in Royal David’s City sung as: “Once in Royal David’s City, Stood a big apartheid wall, People entering and leaving, Had to pass a checkpoint hall, Bethlehem was strangulated, And her children segregated.”

The Twelve Days of Christmas was refashioned as: “Twelve assassinations, Eleven homes demolished, Ten wells obstructed, Nine sniper towers, Eight gunships firing, Seven checkpoints blocking, Six tanks a-rolling, Five settlement rings, Four falling bombs, Three trench guns, Two trampled doves, And an uprooted olive tree.”

Then, over to the Mail Online for reactions:

Bruce Kent, a former Roman Catholic priest and prominent peace campaigner who will read one of the lessons, said: ‘I think it is perfectly reasonable for carols to be rewritten in this way. ‘I am fed up with sugary religion – the baby Jesus sitting in his stable and all that stuff.’

Compared to:

‘Many British people have a great affection for Christmas carols and will be offended that they’re being used in such an overtly political way.’


‘This is the blatant politicising of the Christian festival of Christmas, and that in itself is offensive to many Christians.’

My reaction? Well, given that JZ now sees himself as “Jesus Christ Superstar” (my words), I think these rewritten carols could find supporters in SA.


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The charismatic leader’s victory speech:

There are two interesting comparisons in the media:

1. Obama and Mandela
A brief comparison here and Mandela congratulates Obama here and here.

2. Barack Hussein Obama and Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks 7 years ago

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Politicians and plagarism

Not a new subject, but this time they (or their speech writers) have been caught!

As from a BBC news article:

A Canadian Conservative Party speech-writer has resigned after Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused of plagiarism in a speech he made in 2003.

Owen Lippert admitted he had been “overzealous in copying segments” of a speech in support of the invasion of Iraq by then Australian PM John Howard.

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I’ve been following the increasing number of shows in Hollywood that are starting to raise their voice in the runup to the November elections. Stars like Lindsay Lohan, Matt Damon (see video at the end), David Letterman (who looks like he is out to get John Mccain for snubbing his appearance on his show) have all been starting to raise their voices. But my favourite has to be Saturday Night Live’s continuous mocking of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. And boy have I enjoyed it.

As Sarah Palin, Tina Fey probably does the best political impersonation in years. The first video is the original interview with Katie Couric of CBS. It’s not particularly funny, but its scary how one-dimensional her answers were. It is very important that you pay particular attention to what she says.

The second video is just a continuation of the firts interview. In this segment, she is specifically asked about why she believes that being able to “see Russia from [her] back door” (which Sarah Palin was quoted early on saying)  gives her foreign policy credentials. Ridiculous!!

Finally, now watch the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler skit on the same interview. The really frightning this is that Tina Fey doesn’t actually change that much of what Palin says in the original interview. Enjoy!


(if any of the other “Insane Authors” can help me embed the video, please do so…)

As Matt Damon says, it scary to think that Palin might be the next leader of “the free world”.

What do you guys think?

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