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What is the single most defining moment in your life? What event in you past is the one thing that you can look back on and say “Yep…that is precisely what made me the kind of person I am today”?


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My mind has been mulling over a question that I can’t quite seem to think through, and I’m hoping you’ll help.

In any given discussion about non-sequiturs, can a comment that follows, no matter how random, ever actually in itself be a non-sequitur?

Your best answers in the comments!

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Calvin and Hobbes, Laughter

Happiness is defined as emotion in which one experiences feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy [Wiki]. Of course, it’s never that simple. Happiness is such a transient, fleeting, and subjective emotion. Yet, despite its subjectiveness, many books have been written about how happiness can be achieved, the secret of happiness, attaining you true happiness potential, or being happy by being a total jackass.

Many different things make different people happy, and sometimes it’s strange, arbitrary stuff that makes people happy. Personally, I find that spending time with my family makes me happy, as does reading a good book, playing a great video game, or cooking. And possibly knitting, but I’ll let know the more I get into that. However, people change as they grow older, and things that made you happy when you were younger (eg, video games) are not necessarily the things that will make you happy now (eg, violent video games).

So to the elusive quest on attaining happiness. How do you achieve it (other than spending money and hoping the issue goes away)? How do you, in some cases, figure out what makes you happy? How do you understand your own happiness? My personal feeling is that you can’t truly understand anything until you understand its diametric paradigm, even if you do not necessarily experience it. Not much of a revelation, true. It’s pure human nature (as insane as it is) to be miserable (especially on a Monday morning–unless, of course, Monday mornings happen to be your thing, in which case, you actually are utterly insane).

Can you count yourself to be one of the lucky ones who are mostly happy with their lot? What do you think would make you an even happier person, and do you have any examples of when you were at your happiest, even for a fleeting moment? Or is it utter insanity to want to achieve such a state?

Calvin and Hobbes © Universal Press Syndicate

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The Independent Democrat party has asked Eskom bosses to forget their bonuses, and do their bit for an ailing electricity infrastructure.

“If Eskom wants us to save energy and pay more for the energy we use then Eskom must do its bit by saving the money it is paying to an under-performing management.”

What do you think? Should they get ANY bonus at all? Or just a teensy little one?

Link: News24.com

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At the Child Support Enforcement Department in Helena, Montana, USA, all the Windows games (you know the ones: Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and FreeCell) were removed from the computers (just like at a certain company we all know and love so much).

“If state employees have time to play computer games, then there are too many state employees.”

My question is, do you think an employee is entitled to spend their lunch break relaxing with a nice game of minesweeper? Or, as is said in the article:

“If state employees are playing computer games during their lunch hours, [they’re] encouraged instead to take a break and leave computers.”


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