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Han Solo P.I.

Ever noticed the similarity between Han Solo and Thomas Magnum…or Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck for that matter? Neither did I, till now. As an interesting co-inky-dink sidenote, Tom Selleck was originally cast for the role of Indiana Jones, but his commitment to Magnum P.I. kept him from taking this role, which as we all know, went to Harrison Ford. Or Solo, P.I. Or Indiana Solo. Or whatever.

[Link: Youtube via Neatorama]


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I’m betting you won’t even see the end of this trailer coming… District 9 is a movie by Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp coming out “Summer 2009”. Have movie studios not figured out that the concept of “Summer” is just a teensy weensy tiny winy itsy bitsy sqeemy weemy tiny little bit subjective depending on which hemisphere you just happen to be occupying at any point in time? Anyhow, rant over. This movie looks interesting at the very least, and may even turn out to be good, for all that it’s set in Johannesburg. And I’m not going to spoil it any further. Just watch this trailer!

[Link: District 9]

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Sci-fi blog io9.com has an article that details the reasons behind Tennant’s departure from this brilliant series:

So was David Tennant’s leaving the show all down to his need to move on? A now or never thing? Not quite. He had been in negotiations with the BBC for a fifth, even a sixth full series, but wanted another 2009-lite Doctor Who break in 2011, a film pursued, and money above the current BBC wage cap. It didn’t happen.

There’s also some information about the River Song story arc:

The one bigger casualty, as well as casting for The Doctor sooner than expected, has been an arc in Series Five for the River Song character, revealed in Series 4 as the Doctor’s possible future wife.

I speculated in a previous post’s comments that the whole River Song story shouldn’t be affected too much–the way she went through that book in the show indicates that, although she recognized the Doctor for who he was, it wasn’t the same incarnation that she’d  been familiar with. This means that there was at least one regeneration between the tenth Doctor and his adventures with Professor Song.

Finally, the article mentions the possibilities of the eleventh Doctor:

I have it on veeeeery good authority that the next Doctor has already been chosen. It’s an interesting new direction, and the choice (assuming no changes of heart) will probably surprise – and divide – many. The name I’ve heard isn’t Paterson Joseph. Or John Simm. Or James Nesbitt.

Any speculation on what “interesting direction” could possibly mean?

In other Doctor Who news, it seems that I missed something interesting: turns out that Jenny might make a reappearance in the 2009 special series! According to the Sun:

David’s real-life love Georgia Moffett, 23, returns as his daughter Jenny for one of the Who specials.

Update: According to Doctor Who blog, Outpost Gallifrey, the odds are tipped in David Morrisey’s favor 2:1. Paterson Joseph comes next at 6:1 odds. Very interesting odds include Anthony Head (Buffy’s Giles, for those who don’t know the name–stacked at 12:1 odds), Alan Davies (18:1), Steven Fry (40:1), and trailing at the back, Robbie Williams (200:1).

[Link: io9.com – Doctor Who: What–and Who–is Next for New Who?]
[Link: The Sun – Doctor Who bosses try to keep Tennant with £1.5m deal]
[Link: Outpost Gallifrey – The New Doctor Update]

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The concept of faster than light (FTL) travel has been proposed since the dawn of sci-fi, but one scientist, Professor Robert Haymes, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, believes that he has a solution. The intro to the article, from another author, says a lot:

Presented below is a concept of how it might be possible to travel in space at speeds in excess of the speed of light in vacuum. It is presented now because of my firm conviction that immediate actions are necessary to Save Our Species; steadily increasing overpopulation of the planet Earth by humanity, coupled with a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, signals that we may soon wipe the planet’s surface clear of civilization, if not of life itself. One mode of salvation would be to establish self-sustaining branches of humanity on other planets. It does not appear that any other habitable planets exist within our solar system. However the Milky Way Galaxy contains  hundreds of billions of stars, many if not all of which have planets orbiting them. Some of those planets are most likely habitable. Astronomers generally believe that these stars are separated by distances averaging a few light years. To reach them in practical amounts of time will require faster than light travel.

I must warn the reader that the hypotheses contained herein are completely unproven. They could
turn out to be completely wrong. It is my sincere hope this presentation will at least stimulate further work in this area.

The FTL travel concept still makes for interesting reading. My personal feeling is that technology in this region is probably moving way too slowly. I wanna visit other planets already!

[Link: Faster Than Light Blog via Neatorama]

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David Tennant, who plays the current 10th Doctor in the brilliant series, Doctor Who, may be replaced come 2011 by Paterson Joseph. What makes this interesting is that he’ll be playing the first non-white Doctor. Mind you, at this point it’s still rumour (remember to keep your pinches of salt handy, people!), but I’ll definitely miss Tennant’s depiction of this quirky character if it’s true.

[Link: io9.com – Doctor Who: Is this the new Doctor Who?]

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So last week’s Battlestar Galactica got interesting as Starbuck got a little crazy at being told that they were going back to the main fleet. What I don’t understand is how she cooled down so quickly as soon as Gaeta got shot. Bit contrived, but ok. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting annoyed with Baltar’s “savior” spewings? It’s an interesting twist on the old coward Baltar, but it does leave me wondering. It’s too much of a change of character without sufficient motiviation for change; a coward doesn’t become a hero overnight. Back to Starbuck and the events on the base star after Leoben offered a treaty: it was weird seeing a cylon skinjob admitting to death being traumatic, although I suppose I should have expected it. The different Sixes are…strange, to say the least. So it was quite shocking to see the one Six pretty much execute the other (even tho Anders was wielding the pistol). It appears that the resurrection ship is out of range, so no downloading into a new body for these dead skinjobs. Death is permanent, just as in the colonialists. So who else felt that the hybrid’s words “You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace!” was a little chilling, especially since she’s supposed to help lead the fleet back to Earth. And whose death is the hybrid referring to? Questions that will be answered in the coming episodes, I’m sure. Still, it does leave me wondering where it’s all going. Oh…and a bald Laura Roslyn…seriously strange. Seriously.

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Io9.com has a blog post collecting some of the silliest sci-fi plot twists that they’ve ever come across, and I must say that the list is quite amusing. I agree with most of the plot twist silliness. Many writers tend to resort to silliness when inspiration fails.

One of the worst I’ve seen (in the blog list) is the Independence Day twist. Apple can interface with alien computer languages? How utterly l33t of them. Outside of sci-fi, don’t you think that Hitler’s “suicide” was a plot twist that was just so convenient to the WW2 story??

So what are the silliest, most contrived plot twists ever that you’ve come across?


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