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David Tennant, who plays the current 10th Doctor in the brilliant series, Doctor Who, may be replaced come 2011 by Paterson Joseph. What makes this interesting is that he’ll be playing the first non-white Doctor. Mind you, at this point it’s still rumour (remember to keep your pinches of salt handy, people!), but I’ll definitely miss Tennant’s depiction of this quirky character if it’s true.

[Link: io9.com – Doctor Who: Is this the new Doctor Who?]


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I’m actually not even sure why anyone would need a TV cosy, but here’s one that makes your TV look like it has a permanent test pattern sewed into it. Why? Who knows. Your most (im)plausible reasons in the comments, please!

[Link: BoingBoing – Test-pattern cosy for flat-panel TV]

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So last week’s Battlestar Galactica got interesting as Starbuck got a little crazy at being told that they were going back to the main fleet. What I don’t understand is how she cooled down so quickly as soon as Gaeta got shot. Bit contrived, but ok. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting annoyed with Baltar’s “savior” spewings? It’s an interesting twist on the old coward Baltar, but it does leave me wondering. It’s too much of a change of character without sufficient motiviation for change; a coward doesn’t become a hero overnight. Back to Starbuck and the events on the base star after Leoben offered a treaty: it was weird seeing a cylon skinjob admitting to death being traumatic, although I suppose I should have expected it. The different Sixes are…strange, to say the least. So it was quite shocking to see the one Six pretty much execute the other (even tho Anders was wielding the pistol). It appears that the resurrection ship is out of range, so no downloading into a new body for these dead skinjobs. Death is permanent, just as in the colonialists. So who else felt that the hybrid’s words “You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace!” was a little chilling, especially since she’s supposed to help lead the fleet back to Earth. And whose death is the hybrid referring to? Questions that will be answered in the coming episodes, I’m sure. Still, it does leave me wondering where it’s all going. Oh…and a bald Laura Roslyn…seriously strange. Seriously.

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At Empire Online is a list of the top 50 TV shows, which is a pretty decent list for what it is, but as is so often the case with these lists, it’s highly debatable which shows are better than others. For example, Battlestar Galactica only ranks at 13, but as they say, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Each entry has a small synopsis of the show, the best episode, and a bit of trivia related to the show. For example, from Friends:

Phoebe is the most promiscuous Friend. The only one of the group she hasn’t kissed is Monica.

I haven’t seen all 50 series, but I’ve seen a fair number, leading me to believe that I watch WAY too much television. So where would you rank YOUR favorite shows?

[Link: Empire Online, via Kottke.org]

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SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t bother reading this post!

So I watched the second episode of the fourth season, and although it was quite a bit better than the first episode, it didn’t do anything seriously unexpected; in fact, the episode ended pretty much where I predicted it would. What I found pretty interesting, and a brilliant change from the dissention in the human ranks, is to see the dissention in the Cylon ranks starting to grow and have a much bigger effect.

Apollo’s honorable discharge from the fighting crew of Galactica was nothing unexpected, but I was quite surprised to see who appeared to Baltar instead of Six. I’m not sure what it means, just as I’m sure no one is sure at all what Six’s manifestation means, but it does give pause for thought.

I’m not sure where Battlestar is going with all this yet, and it might be a few more episodes before things become a little clearer, if at all. My sincere hope is that, by the series’ conclusion, all the loose ends will be tied together, and that the viewer is at least left feeling rewarded for watching four seasons’ worth of the show!

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One of the best sci-fi shows to ever grace our screens returns for its final season this Friday. Questions abound about what will happen in the closing season, and of course everyone’s wondering if all will finally be explained. The big issue is what happened to Starbuck? How can she have been to Earth? What is up with Baltar’s Number Six? What will happen to the fleet? Answers will be coming soon, and I am eagerly anticipating the new season! In the meantime, read an interview with Jane Espenson, the only BSG writer who also worked on the other masterpeice, Firefly.

Jane Espenson interview at io9.com

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