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Wanna play with my toy?

Ok, now that the subject suckered you to read this article I shall continue 🙂 On my way in to work I remembered my old toys – now I have a few types but I think the ones that provided the most detailed scenarios and longest play times were my Action Force figures. They had something over most figures of this size at the time… they had joints in their elbows and knees and more adjustable heads.

The thing I remember the most was the hours upon hours figuring out scenarios in which the characters could be, and of course the heroes won most of the time (I liked some cliff hangers). And the time I would take to build the scene using cardboard boxes, string and anything else I could find.

One scenario in particular that I remember was with one character I had who was called Barbecue. Somehow I had mistaken him for being a baddie when I first got him, but then later discovered he wasn’t. Oh the fun of figuring out a story line to bring him to the good side, the twists, the feeling of loyalty to his bad side and the constant battle with his heart to be a good guy. And before you ask, I stopped playing with toys at the young age of 11 😦 A day I sadly remember, this was they day I knew that this bond between me and my toys could no longer be.

The point of this is to get those of you that played with toys as a kid to remember those days with a smile, and perhaps you too could share your favourite toy and game you played. Video games do not count 😉


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You know that there are days when your weird-s**t-o-meter is on full tilt. This is one of those days, and I’m just hoping it culminates in this little item, because if not, things are going to get seriously strange. So…introducing the singing, yodelling, dancing lederhosen. And of course you control the thing with a plastic sausage (knockwurst, according to the link). I’m not sure that it CAN get any weirder than this, but I suspect that the day is going to try.

So…what strange toys have you owned? My favorite from yesteryear was a Major Morgan, which really wasn’t all THAT strange, but it’s all I could come up with on a spur of the moment.

[Link: InventorSpot]

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etch a sketch

Here’s an art form that I thought was long gone since the 80s, but low and behold – here it is and very impressive at that. I am glad they took the photos, I used to always think it was a waste to draw something them erase it? Never made sense, they should create and Etch a Sketch printer, this is now my idea so it’s copyright (c) 2008.

Etch a Sketch artwork

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 Any fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy should have one of these! They’re teddy bears created with the paradigm of Zaphod Bebblebrox in mind! Yes…they’re two-headed teddy bears!

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha fanclub, via BoingBoing 

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