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Man Cooking for Lady

It seems like the tides are turning. Gone are the days when a woman donned her flowery apron and cooked up a storm in order to impress the new man in her life with her culinary skills. Now it seems there’s a new order on the rise…the Gastrosexual Man! (Can you just picture the superpower outfit that’ll go with THAT image?!?).

The Gastrosexual man is defined as:

this new generation of men consider cooking more a hobby than a household chore and use their kitchen prowess to impress friends and prospective partners.

Hmm…I wonder if I know anyone like that….*cough*Feeyaad*cough*

You can read more about this New! Improved! version of Man in the following article


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Turns out to my shock that “flirty women sway men” according to local paper?

Research has revealed that a man being around flirty women makes that man love their wifes less. Studying women who act as if they might welcome sexual advances, it turned out that men were much less appreciative of their partners.

The study also shows that men who regularly surround themselves or uncontrollably surrounded by young women are much more likely to divorce thier partners than men with no exposure to flirts.

However, it seems that women are not so easliy swayed as men, because women are not influenced by the flirtyness behaviour of men and remain true to their appreciation of their partner.

So… in otherwords it seems to be either

(a) Women… must stop acting flirty as you are distroying homes!!!
(b) Men… the vast majority of women aren’t bothered with you, so stop kidding yourself!!!
(c) Other

Which one do you think, and if it’s (c) we need more detail.

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Salon directed me to a series of articles at the New York Times on love, romance, marriage, and gender roles among young men and women in Saudi Arabia. It’s an interesting read, a real eye opener and I have to say quite scary too.

Also it makes me think that if you were subject to so much sheltering and insularity with regards to mingling with the opposite sex, surely it would lead to men treating women as objects and women treating men as objects — as beings who have certain qualities which can never be changed, cardboard copies that are cut from a mold you’ve only been told about by other people, beings that can only be worked around and not worked with.

Also, it makes me realize why the fanatical uber-Muslims in South Africa have the conservative, closed minded ideas that they have — it has very little to do with Islam as a school of thought to be explored, probed, questioned and understood, everything to do with spreading an Arab way of life, Arab ideals and Arab mores. My usual example of this is the way South African Muslims always give their children Arab names, despite the fact that Muslims from other parts of the world don’t do this and there is nothing in Islam which asks for it. (Try arguing that point with a middle aged Durbanite.)

Well, I am not an Arab and thank G_d for that.

Anyway, read the articles. They provide some interesting slice of life accounts on the difficulty of being a young person in Saudi Arabia. And the one very interesting point they make is how the Saudis have managed to merge Arab culture so completely with ideas of religion that the two can’t be separated.

[Link: Boys view]

[Link: Girls view]

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On mammaries

Sameer and I went to the Field Museum – a natural history museum in Chicago – yesterday.  The exhibits were fantastic.  After oggling Sue the T-Rex for a bit, we went off and looked at the Ancient Americas exhibit. While in the Ancient Americas exhibit, I noted the pictures and models of women from ancient times, walking around and going about their work totally topless and I thought “Hmmm, seen that before.” As you know, in many African tribes, women still go topless.

Later on, we went to look at a photo exhibition of women’s rituals from around the world. While there, we came across a series of pictures of Swazi women at the annual Reed Dance, again topless. And here, one of the signs accompanying the pictures states that “In Swazi culture, breasts are associated with food, not sex.” and I though “A-ha! That makes perfect sense!”

We have some many people telling us that women who go around showing skin are asking for harassment but in certain cultures and certain times, women showed much more skin and went about their daily work without fear or reprisal or abuse.

So I ask, when did breasts become co-opted as exclusive symbols of sex and sexuality? I find it so strange that in some countries – the US in particular – people are so abhorrent of women who breastfeed their babies in public but they are quite happy to see breasts flashed around on billboards, in movies, or in porn. It’s a double standard that insinuates that breasts are for men’s pleasure and not for women’s purposes.

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