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Your daily WTF: bananas edition

Yea, I challenge you to come up with an explanation.

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Yea, make of this what you will. 5 points for a decent caption.

[Source: Knuttz.net]

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If you need to ask, then you probably aren’t South African, and there’s not much more I can do to help. If you DO end up liking the song so much that you’ll be willing to listen to it for hours on end, day after day, then you can download the MP3 at the Steri Stumpie Ambassdor site.

[via Deems on Twitter, via Baldric’s Blog, where you’ll probably find more information than I’m willing to give!]

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Ten points to whoever can spot what’s wrong with this pic… and then caption it.

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I’m actually not going to give you much more forewarning than “what it says on the box”. Go check it out.

[Link: Wookieepedia]

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According to the City of Boston website, these are the necessary precautions for staying safe online. WTF??

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WTF Excel-Style

5 points to anyone who can tell me what this means:

Excel has logistical challenges!

Clue: I was using pivot tables.

Bonus points available for creative answers 🙂

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