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If you need to ask, then you probably aren’t South African, and there’s not much more I can do to help. If you DO end up liking the song so much that you’ll be willing to listen to it for hours on end, day after day, then you can download the MP3 at the Steri Stumpie Ambassdor site.

[via Deems on Twitter, via Baldric’s Blog, where you’ll probably find more information than I’m willing to give!]


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Hot on the heels (well, lukewarm) of A-ha’s Take on Me literal translation video comes this Total Eclipse of the Heart literal translation video. Personally, even without the literal translation this is one creepy as hell video. If anyone has any metaphorical translation for me, I’d like to hear it!

Incidentally, according to Tom Reynolds, the author of I Hate Myself and Want To Die (an utterly hilarious book about the 52 most depressing songs he knows), regarding Total Eclipse of the Heart:

The Welsh singer’s collaboration with Meat Loaf producer Jim Steinman still vanquishes all those who turn around to gaze into its bright eyes. Under Steinman’s direction, Tyler rasps her way through a million permutations of the phrase “every now and then, I get a little bit [insert neurosis here]” before losing it during the song’s demented chorus. Clocking in at over seven minutes, Total Eclipse is Wagner’s Ring Cycle without the funny hats; the equivalent of an opera company pelting you with copies of Anne Rice novels. You’re completely drained when it’s over and desperately in need of a shower to rinse off the raven droppings.

Yep. That’s pretty damned depressing right there.

Edit: I just found out that this video was shot in a Sanatarium, which might go a long way toward explaining things.

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Well, not really, but it IS sung to Beauty and The Beast’s “Bonjour” (or whatever the first track in that movie is). And almost all of it is true, don’t you think?

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I figure you’re going to need a little help with this one, so here’s your clue; a music video from geek artists Lemon Demon (one of my favorite geek artists! I’ve blogged about him before, if you can recall that far back!) called “Ode To Crayola”. Not much of a clue, I admit, but it’s still something! Yep, it’s another quiz, since I figured y’all enjoyed the last one so much. This one is to do with Crayola crayons. Can you name all the Crayola colors? Bear in that the names of the colors have gotten a little wilder over the years, so the full complement of 120 crayons is a tall order–hence the clue to give you an idea of how the color names have changed. Still, you might do better than you think. I only scored a measly 46, so I figure you can probably do better than that.

[Link: Sporcle – Can you name the current Crayola crayon colors?]

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One of my absolute favorite comedians of all time, Eddie Izzard, has had his comedy skits done with a touch of Lego. The Lego visuals add a really funky touch to already funny comedy. There’s a lot more at YouTube…check it out. Which one is your favorite sketch, Lego or otherwise?

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So it appears that certain suspicions may have been confirmed with regards to the identity of the new Doctor. The oops was revealed by Phillip Rhys in an interview. I’m not going to run any spoilers, so if you want to know, you can watch the video clip.

[Link: io9.com – And the New Doctor might be…]

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This youtube vid has to be seen to be believed. The clip is an advert for a new Wii game, Wario Land: Shake It, but…well…you just have to see it. I don’t want to spoil it for you. As a bit of advertising, it’s brilliant, and I must congratulate the team behind this ad!

[Link: YouTube – Wario Land: Shake It – Amazing footage]

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